About Us

My work is with CEO's, presidents, senior executives, engineers, scientists and sales professionals who are good speakers/presenters and want to be the best. They tell me that through our work together they elevate their presentations from good to great. In doing so they gain influence, notoriety, prestige and financial rewards. While most were born in America, my clients come from 14 different countries. 

A typical client has been speaking and giving presentations for many years. They are continually growing and wish to take their communication skills to the next level. They report back to me that their confidence, self-assurance and income all increased substantially. 


Results are achieved through consulting, private coaching and seminars/workshops. 

Are we a fit?

Are we a fit? Maybe we are, and maybe we aren't. To find out simply give me a call.  If there appears to be a fit, we'll meet. If, after our meeting,  there is a fit, we'll take the next step. If we conclude there isn't a fit, that's fine  too. I can assure you that you will still get some value from our meeting.