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Improving personal communication skills to make yourself more valuable.  

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"Every time you speak, you are auditioning for leadership." James Hume

Yes, you can dramatically increase your speaking and presentation skills, and when you do , you'll increase your income. 

Why Us?

Over 20,000 people have improved their speaking, presentation, networking, leadership and business development skills through my private coaching, consulting services and seminars.   



Consulting, private confidential coaching, and seminars each specifically designed to meet the needs of each client in areas of public speaking, presentations, networking, leadership and business development (including sales training). 


“One of our clients actually asked us what we had done in the last six months to improve our presentations so much. We told them about you.”

“I don’t want my competition to find out about you!”

“Our competition had more experience, but we went for the contract anyway. We put our new skills to work and got the contract. The client said we won because our presentation was better. This stuff works! Thanks for your help.”

“You were right on- it’s the many ‘little things’ that add up to make a great presenter. I’ve taken your advice to heart and my presentations have already improved.”

“Working together over the last two months has really made a positive difference in our staff. You really hammered your message into them and they are all better communicators today. Confidence, morale and business are all up!


“As the leader, if I can’t communicate well when I stand to speak, my credibility is in question. I can’t have that. Thanks for your professional assistance.” 

“Working with you has helped me tremendously. I’m so much more comfortable and confident when I speak.”

“Thanks for your help, Fred. I just wish that I had called you earlier.”

“I’ve had six private coaching sessions with Fred. I need another shot now that I’ve been on the speaking tour and brought back some bad habits. I found that when I follow what Fred taught me, my points are made and I don’t lose the crowd. When I fail to plan and practice, I miss my opportunity to make my points. Give Fred a call, he can help.”


“As a not-for-profit, we’re competing for scarce dollars. The help you gave me has improved my speaking skills and that has helped bring in more money this year.”

“Thanks for your help, Fred. The Board Retreat went very well. I was able to grab and hold their attention during my presentations. They were involved throughout and had a lot of questions. I felt great about how it went, and got quite a bit of positive feedback afterwards.”

“I’m brilliant! I had the sense to call you in for help.” 

“I recently had to give a speech at a local Manufactures Association. Being set on fire in my chair was not an option. It was well received by everyone, and most commented on its original and inspirational content and how I presented my company. I felt I served our company and its people well. Thanks for giving me the tools and confidence to give such a presentation.” 

This is a random selection from thousands of testimonials.